Cryptocurrency Glossary : Tokens

The currency of the blockchain network                                                                        projects that raise money through the issuance of tokens:

ICO – Initial Coin Offering – the initial offering by a startup in exchange for ‘currency”. Pretty much Ethereum crowdfunding Shilling      or     Pumping      –     an                   advertisement    for another cryptocurrency. For example, if a digital coin were promised to be the next cure for cancer, it would be called shilling

Stable Coin – a coin that has a very low level of volatility and can be traded against the whole market

Arbitrage – finding a difference in a commodity price on different exchanges and taking advantage of it

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – the overwhelming feeling that, when a price starts to go through the roof, you need to get on and join in

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt – a negativity without any base that is spread by a person who wants to drop the price of something

FUDster – the person spreading the FUD

Pump and Dump – recurring cycle of one of the altcoins receiving high attention, pushing the price up which will then, inevitably, crash

Bagholder – a person who is still holding on to an altcoin after the pump and dump crash.

Market Cap – the whole value that a cryptocurrency holds, calculated by the multiplication of the total coin supply by the price of a single unit

ROI – Return on Investment. The percentage of the total made compared to the initial investment. For example, 100% ROI would mean that the money has been doubled

TA – Trend or Technical Analysis – the process of looking at current charts to predict the next movement in the market

MACD – Moving Average Convergence Divergence – trend indicator that shows a relationship between the moving averages of two prices

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